Do I Really Need Insurance?

Do I Really Need Insurance?

Personal Protection Insurances can provide peace of mind that you’ll receive tax free payouts should something unexpected happen. Maybe you already know someone who has died or fallen ill recently and want to protect yourself and loved ones from financial difficulty?

As with your car or house insurance you want to review your personal protection insurances on a regular basis as your circumstances change.

* Maybe you’ve moved house and increased your mortgage so your life insurance is no longer sufficient in amount or term to cover the mortgage if you die?

* Maybe your family has grown and your priorities are now different?

* Maybe you know of a family member or friend who has recently been diagnosed with a Critical Illness and is struggling to pay the bills?

* Or, maybe you have no protection at all?

The types, varieties and options available for insurances can be confusing which is where we can help.

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Please note that the premium may increase depending on your medical history.