Pre Paid Funeral Services

Pre Paid Funeral Services

A funeral plan allows you to pay the cost of the funeral director’s services at today’s prices and gives you more control over your funeral arrangements.  

While not a pleasant thought, death and later life planning are very important aspects to consider to ensure that your wishes are taken care of and that the least amount of stress is placed on those you leave behind. 

Funeral costs are rising all the time, that’s why more people are making arrangements in advance, and paying at today’s prices.

Funerals are now one of the fastest rising costs in the UK – surpassing inflation, wages and pensions. According to SunLife's 2018 Cost of Dying Report the average cost of a funeral in the UK was £4,271 which is 122% more than it was 14 years ago. And when adding in other death-related costs such as headstones and flowers, the average cost of dying soared to £9,204 per person. 

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